Alternative Press:

United States :


The Nation  
Village Voice

Monthly Review
Mother Jones
The Progressive
Common Dreams
Covert Action Quarterly
Utne News  

News sources:

SportsJones    Alternative news site focusing on sports 
     Alternate News Wire service, including Story leads
FAIR        US group, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, presents strong criticism of media coverage
Institute for Public Accuracy 
  More media criticism
ZMag        Leading dissidents in the US, from Noam Chomsky to Edward Said
International Action Center    Led by former US attorney general Ramsey Clark
Steel on Steel with John Loeffler  News, commentary, interview, and debate. An alternative information source for politics, religion and global events


Free Speech   Home to over 500 RealPlayer left-wing documentaries.
Ecola Newsstand: U.S. Alternative Newspapers
ZMag's List of Alternative Press
NewCity  Network of alternative news sites 
Association of Alternative Newspapers

Institute of Alternative Journalism
Alternative Labor News Index
WebActive's list of alternative sites

Canada :

Canadian Dimension
This Magazine
Flipside Weekly        

International :

AlterNet            Alternative media links
Alternative Media Institute
PeaceNet        Excellent collection of anti-war news
EcoNet            Environment news and links
New Internationalist
Schnews    UK radicals and counter-views
DisInformation Search engine         Offbeat news -- everything from racism to UFOs 
IndyMedia   A wide ranging site from the heart of the anti-corporate resistance, these web pages come from across North America, Europe and other continents with news and views in several languages.