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  • Toronto Star       Search about two months of their extensive online editions. The Star has an instant search for their current issue and a few  months of back issues
  • .The Globe and Mail      One week of archives for their Net version; certain columns and features archived longer
  • National Post    Up to 60 days
  • Ottawa Citizen -- Online Search      Free but limited online search for web articles going back to April, 1996.  You can also email their library for a free search going back to 1985, but they will only give you the date and page of the article. You'll have to pay if you want to see it.
  • Ottawa Citizen -- Archives by Date        View online articles going back to November, 1997



Canadian archive services:

Free - the best:

The rest:

  • Newstrawler Canada     Excellent service that allows you to search several Canadian newspapers (Ottawa Citizen, Globe, Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal and Montreal Gazette)
  • Canada  Newswire        Archives of any news releases going back about 2 years.
  • Search CANOE       Canoe -- which features the Sun newspapers, Maclean's and Chatelaine magazine -- offers a limited search function. Click on Search CNEWS.
  • Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War The Canadian War Museum's newspaper archives database contains more than 144 000 newspaper articles from World War 2. The materials come from the The Hamilton Spectator, but also from the Toronto newspapers, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Telegram and The Toronto Daily Star and other canadian newspapers as well as from foreign newspapers such as The New York Times.


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