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"The Road to Hell:
How the Biker Gangs
are Conquering Canada"

By Julian Sher and William Marsden

Available in bookstores from Random House in English and Edition de l'Homme in French.
[Cliquez ici pour la version française]

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In this definitive, up-to-the-minute account of the Hells Angels in Canada, two veteran journalists investigate why the recent imprisonment of feared biker leader, Maurice "Mom"Boucher, is too little, too late.

By the spring of 2002, Boucher was safely in prison but the Hells Angels had grown to 37 chapters with close to 600 members across the country. They had taken over the drug trade and continued their rapid expansion into Ontario with a recent, high-profile enlistment -- or patchover -- of 168 members from other gangs. In Winnipeg, gang warfare turned ugly as the Hells muscled out the competition and firebombed a policemans home. In Vancouver, they secured a stranglehold on smuggling in the all-important West Coast port.

The Road to Hell is the story of how the Hells have taken over the Canadian crime scene: how politicians dithered while overburdened prosecutors burned out and lost major cases; how police brass squabbled while a handful of dedicated cops worked years to amass their evidence; how a few citizens stood up the bikers and paid for that bravery with their lives. Murder plots, drug deals, money laundering and assassinations are brought to life through never-before-revealed police files, wiretaps and surveillance tapes. In gripping prose, the authors tell all about Bouchers war on the justice system; how he finally lost in Quebec, thanks in part to Dany Kane, a reluctant biker turned informer; but how across Canada the Hells have succeeded in building a national crime empire.