Find People in Chat Groups

Chat groups, usenet groups or discussion groups -- whatver they are called, these e-mail forums are the Net's equivalent of taverns and bars:  lots of noise, not a lot of sense. But often you can find ordinary people or devoted experts talking precisely about your story:

Google Usenet Search:

*Find discussion groups       Just type in the topic and you'll get a list of the latest e-mail messages to Newsgroups discussing the story you're following ... and from there you can visit those groups 

*Advanced Search     Type in someone's e-mail address in the white space next to "Author" ... and find out everything someone has written to public discussion groups.

*How to Spy on People in newgroups     Read the articles and instructions here to find out how you can click on the name of the people who posted these messages to track someone's cyber-history 

*All discussion groups    The master list

*Google help     Useful tips 

Chat by country:

*Les groupes au Qubec
*Les groupes Montral


NL chat (Nederlands) 
UK chat


*TalkCity   Links to many chat sites

*Webwatch: To find a chat group,  enter a keyword

*Alta Vista  - Search Usenet
    Click on the radio button  in the AltaVista masthead to search for "Discussion groups" to hunt Usenet groups instead of Web pages.

*Excite      Like Digital, Excite also gives you the option to search Newsgroups for people. You don't even know how to use search engine keywords! Just type in the concept you're looking for. Click here to go to the official Excite page

*Usenet News Finder      Enables you to search newsgroups by subject

* Reference.Com     Find, browse, search, and participate in more than 150,000 newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums. 

*Super-Seek:   Search usenet groups with many search engines at once:

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