US Personal databases 

Try using these databases to track down an individual and get background information on someone:

1.The best: (Pay-for service)

  • KnowX             The best personal info database (US only). Not free, but well worth the small cost
  • Querydata       One of the least expensive ways to gather information on someone in the United States. You can get statewide Criminal Conviction Records for $2.95, search driving records in 50 states, or do a complete check on someone for $9.95 -- including possible family members, neighbours, tax liens and civil judgments, aircraft ownership, and bankruptcies

2.The rest:(all free)

4. See also JNet's US Crime Databases for:

Property records:




Marriage, divorce records:

Birth records:

Death records:

Deadbeat Parents:

Drivers' Licenses:

Professional licenses:

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