Canada Phone Numbers & Reverse Lookups

These five tools are listed in descending order of reliability, but in ascending order of sophistication. In other words, Canada411 is the most up-to-date and accurate, but the two private American web sites allow for fancy reverse searches.

1 - Canada411 - The most accurate and up-to-date, (direct from the phone companies) but you cannot do any reverse searches for people

Reverse Phone Lookups:

2 - Superpages / Superpages en français pour la région de Telus

3-   One of the most convenient and comprehensive phone directories on the web for US and Canada.

4-  Infospace People Finder   More inaccurate and out-of-date than others, but allows for the fanciest searches

Other sites:

*Argali White & Yellow    A free download tool searches multiple directories at once (regular and revesre searches) and also allows you to save your results.
World Pages          Full Canadian listings

Yellow Pages -- Find Businesses:

Yellow Pages Canada -- Infospace Business Finder
Yellow Pages Canada -- By Category           An excellent tool to find companies by subject ... say you want all "recycling" companies in a province. Fill in the blanks
Infospace Reverse Business Finder          Reverse phone book, put it a number and find the business behind it.
* Yellow

Pages Jaunes-- Français:
*Pages Jaunes
Superpages Pages Jaunes en français

Other Canadian Phone Books (Government, University, City)

*Federal government phonebook         Find your favourite minister or government bureaucrat in Ottawa. 
* Newfoundland government phonebook
*Saskatchewan Yellowpages
*Canada TollFree    With the click of a mouse, you can access a huge database of toll-free numbers for businesses or services
* Search Montreal Urban Community Phone book   By name or department.  For example, type in anyone's name; or type in "POL" for list of all police phone numbers.
*Bottin tlphonique CUM - Francais
* The Women's White Pages          E-mail addresses, net addresses and numbers for women and women-run businesses on the net. 
* Canadian University PhoneBooks         A good way to find professors and experts
*Carleton University Phone Book Just fill-in-the blanks and find the staff member you want 
*Dalhousie University Phone Book Need to reach a expert in the Maritimes -- just type and click! 
* World University Phonebook Server      Directory of 330-plus universities and organizations around the world
* Other Canadian phone Books



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