Multiple search engines

Multiple search engines allow you to use many engines at once. The good news is that this is a fast and comprehensive way to cast a wide net.  The bad news is that you cannot   always narrow your search effectively because different engines use different codes.  So use these multiple searches if you are hunting for something obscure and cannot find enough hits when you use your favourite, single search engine:

Multiple tools to install on your hard drive:

The best multiple tools:

  • Ixquick:
    Ixquick Web Search:

  • Metacrawler   Search nine of the most popular engines
  • Dogpile      Don't be turned off by the name -- a great resource that searches 23 engines at once
  • Inference Infind 
  • MetaIQ
  • Killer Info A new metasearch engine (it uses several search engines at once) that has two intriguing features: You can get a "quick peek" of each result without leaving the results page. And every search also gives you a "Table of Contents", showing you subject topics hidden deep within the search results, making it easier to find the sites you are looking for
  • Metor    After you get your results, you can click the "Browse" button to see all the web pages found in a convenient window. Press "Check" to detect the availability, date and size of each page, "Analyze" to extract the context of the search words you asked for within each document
  • Meta Search Engine    Search the web with 1,000 specific search engines in 40 differents languages

Other multiple tools:

The rest:

  • Savvy Search     Create your own custom site
  • Mamma    Search many engines, even image and sound files
  • Super Seek:

    SuperSeek WebSearch

    AltaVista     Excite     HotBot 
    Infoseek     LookSmart     Lycos 
    Snap     Northern Light Questfinder  WebCrawler    Yahoo
    • The same keywords produce very different results from different search engines and directories.
    • Each search engine selected opens a new browser window.
    • If all 12 engines are selected, 12 new browser windows will be opened.

  • Profusion     Efficient, good ability to tweak your results. Let's use you chose the three fastest engines or yourn own picks:
  • Debriefing    You can use "quotes", + or - to improve your results:
    Search the Web for :
     Powered by Debriefing    
  • Netget   Canada's only MultiSearch engine
  • All-in-One
  • All4One
  • Search Thingy
  • Cyber411     Search 15 of the top search engines in parallel with one query, with results back in 2 to 4 seconds, they claim.
  • Zensearch
  • Research-It
  • Search Beat         Integrated web page for browsing with Web Links listed by category. Visitors come from over 90 countries and all corners of the globe.
  • LookSmart            Search directory
  • 500 Virtual Search Engines     The Virtual Web Search Site offers Over 500 fully specialized search engines within 40 categories. Many have easy to use fill-out-forms for searching the World Wide Web, Yellow pages, People, E-Mail Lookups, US & Canada White pages plus hundreds more

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