PeopleSmart: The Next Generation People Search Engine

The Internet is a really fantastic place where access to information is nearly unlimited – that is, until we try to locate information about someone. Information about ourselves and the people we know (or want to get to know) is available through public records, but narrowing down the public records can be downright impossible. PeopleSmart solved this problem by providing the Internet’s next generation people search engine.

What does this mean? It means that billions (upon billions) of public records are at your fingertips in one location. It means that you no longer need to perform searches that end nowhere or track down information that turns out to be inaccurate or just dead wrong. PeopleSmart, through one, truly useful interface, makes finding people fast, easy and quite effortless.

Who Uses PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is used by consumers, business and professionals who want to find people information for a variety of purposes. People Smart is a great source for finding contact information, court records and social networking profiles and performing reverse phone lookups, email searches, background checks, and much, much more. And if the information you need or want isn’t available in digital form, People Smart features the Court-Runner Network, which allows you to retrieve non-digitized public records from county courthouses across the country.

If you need an accurate, comprehensive people search engine, People Smart is the answer.

Why Would I Use PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is a great way for people of any age or walk of life to learn about the people they once knew, the people they now know, or the people they hope to know in the future. Just some of the scenarios where People Smart may be useful include:

But What about Privacy Issues?

PeopleSmart is all about providing information about people. However, it is not done at the expense of personal privacy. Its privacy protection is unprecedented in the search engine industry. Commitment to innovation is essential, but so is protecting peoples’ privacy. Just some of the ways PeopleSmart incorporated privacy protection includes:

People Smart has partnered with, the Internet’s top online reputation management company, to ensure the highest quality people search engine that never, ever compromises privacy and personal protection.