State Background Checks

When running a background check on someone, there are a variety of ways to get the job done. Using pro people search tools, you can find background information on just about anybody. Some options include criminal, court, jail, and driving records. Criminal records are especially helpful in putting together a background report on someone. To help narrow down your background check people search, you can begin searching for criminal records and more by state if you know which state has records for the person in question. Search through our state records and resources below.

Alabama Background Checks

The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (abbreviated ACJIC) controls Alabama criminal records. Its main purpose is to provide the various criminal justice agencies of Alabama with information, training and expertise. The ACJIC will also help citizens when appropriate in conducting Alabama background checks.

Alaska Background Checks

Alaska criminal records are available from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. According to Alaskan statutes, any person can access Alaska criminal records for Alaska background checks. Employers looking to hire a person for adult or childcare services are also authorized to additional information. In addition, any person can access his or her personal Alaska criminal records by doing the following:

Arizona Background Checks

Arizona criminal records are controlled by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. If you were told that you need your Arizona criminal records as part of an Arizona background check, then you will need to contact this office to acquire them.

Arkansas Background Checks

If you are looking for Arkansas criminal records for Arkansas background checks, then you will need to contact the Arkansas State Police. The State Police offers two ways to obtain Arkansas criminal records.

California Background Checks

If you need California criminal records as part of California background checks, then you will need to request your record from the Office of the Attorney General. Only you can receive a copy of your California Criminal Records; third party requests will not be authorized or processed.

Colorado Background Checks

If you need to access Colorado criminal records as part of your Colorado background checks, then you will need to contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. The CBI maintains a computerized criminal history database with detailed information on arrest records with fingerprints. Arrests without fingerprints are not included in the database. You will also not be able to access warrant information, sealed records, or juvenile records. Registered sex offender lists must be obtained from your local law enforcement agency.

Connecticut Background Checks

In order to obtain copies of Connecticut criminal records for a Connecticut background check, you will need to contact the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety allows you to access both copies of state police reports and criminal history reports.

Delaware Background Checks

If you need Delaware criminal records for Delaware background checks, start by contacting the Delaware Criminal Justice Council. The Criminal Justice Council is an independent body that helps to maintain a system that is fair, efficient, and accountable. It keeps track of records, grants, and other funding for various parts of the Delaware justice system. Their website contains many reports for download. You can also access items such as the Delaware Sex Offender Registry from this site.

Florida Background Checks

If you need Florida criminal records as part of a Florida background check, then you will need to contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This department is responsible for maintaining criminal records in the state of Florida and providing it to the public when requested. Criminal history information records serious arrests in the state of Florida. In order to guarantee that a particular record belongs to the individual in question, a fingerprint card will need to be submitted. The information that you submit must be accurate in order for search results to be valid.

Georgia Background Checks

If you need to access Georgia criminal records for conducting your Georgia background checks, then you will need to contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. You can usually obtain your Georgia criminal records from any local police department. Your Georgia criminal record will include your identification data, including name, date of birth, social security number, and physical characteristics. It will also include arrest data, final judicial disposition data, and custodial information if you were incarcerated.

Hawaii Background Checks

If you need Hawaii criminal records to complete your Hawaii background check, then you will need to contact the Department of the Attorney General and the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, which will allow you to order a Hawaii criminal record.

Idaho Background Checks

If you are researching Idaho criminal records for Idaho background checks, then you will need to contact the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification. This department is responsible for keeping track of Idaho criminal records, as well as lists of sex offenders, missing persons, and more.

Illinois Background Checks

If you are conducting an Illinois background check, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority can assist you with finding Illinois criminal records. According to the Uniform Conviction Information Act, all Illinois criminal records have to be collected and maintained by the state police. The Act also requires that conviction information be available to the public. In order to view your Illinois criminal records, you will need to submit a Conviction Information Request form available from the Bureau of Identification. Only original forms can be processed.

Indiana Background Checks

If you would like to access Indiana criminal records for your Indiana background checks, the Indiana State Police offers a Limited Criminal History Search. This is an online service that lists felonies and Class A misdemeanors that occurred in the state of Indiana. You can access these records online, or you can choose to request Indiana criminal records through the mail.

Iowa Background Checks

If you would like to review Iowa criminal records during your Iowa background check, then you will need to contact the Division of Criminal Investigation. This department is responsible for maintaining criminal history information for the state. The cost of Iowa criminal records is $13 per surname for the mail in form or $15 per surname for a fax in/fax back request. Fax back requests require a credit or debit card for payment. Both methods are for Iowa criminal records only, and searches will be based on the name and birth date only. No other state or federal records will be included, and without fingerprints, positive identification is not guaranteed.

Kansas Background Checks

To access Kansas criminal records as part of your Kansas background check, begin your research with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau maintains all of Kansas criminal records. Your Kansas criminal record will include all felonies, class A and B misdemeanors, class C misdemeanor assaults, and some Juvenile offenses. It will also cover dispositions in Kansas courts and incarcerations by the Kansas Department of Correction. Many, but not all, of the Kansas criminal records are available online.

Kentucky Background Checks

To access Kentucky criminal records for a Kentucky background check, start with the Kentucky Court of Justice. The Administrative Office of the Courts provides Kentucky Criminal records for a nominal fee. All of the information provided comes from CourtNet, the AOC’s database that collects information from all 120 counties. It contains over 4 million records, with misdemeanors and traffic cases dating back 5 years and felonies going back to 1978.

Louisiana Background Checks

If you need to access an individual’s Louisiana criminal record, start with the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information, which oversees and maintains Louisiana’s AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), LACCH (Louisiana Computerized Criminal History System) and criminal expungements.

Maine Background Checks

Maine is not considered a closed state, and therefore, any private citizen, government agency, or business desiring access to an individual’s Maine criminal record can work with the State Bureau of Identification, operated by the Maine State Police. You can also request identity verification via a fingerprint match, which is the only way to guarantee a person’s identity. Juvenile Maine criminal records are also available on request.

Maryland Background Checks

Maryland’s Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services handles all request for Maryland criminal records. Maryland is considered a closed state, however, which means only approved individuals and agencies are allowed access to Maryland criminal records. Approved employers who may require Maryland criminal record history include criminal justice agencies, federal, state and local government agencies, child care, public housing, adult dependent care, attorney/client, taxis, State Racing Commission, State Liquor Board and Maryland State Police License.

Massachusetts Background Checks

Only approved agencies and businesses are allowed access to Massachusetts criminal records, which are maintained by CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), a subset of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Massachusetts criminal records are not accessed through fingerprints, but only by identity qualifiers like name, date of birth and social security number.

Michigan Background Checks

The CJIC (Criminal Justice Information Center) maintains all Michigan criminal records, including history of charges, arrests and convictions of any crimes committed in Michigan. Michigan criminal records information is collected from state prosecutors, courts and law enforcement agencies and then matched with a corresponding record (if it exists) in the CJIC system.

Minnesota Background Checks

Recently, the MNJIS (Minnesota Justice Information Services) division was created in October 2008 to make gaining access to Minnesota criminal records easier. MNJIS was also created to promote information exchange between sources of criminal records information. MNJIS overhauled their internal procedures and now offers a simpler process for obtaining Minnesota criminal records.

Mississippi Background Checks

Mississippi criminal records are maintained by MDH (Mississippi Department of Health) and are only available to certified agencies, including law enforcement, government agencies and businesses which require background checks prior to hiring. These businesses include hospitals, home health agencies, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities and hospices.

Missouri Background Checks

Missouri’s State Highway Patrol’s CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) Division maintains and compiles Missouri criminal records. The CJIS is responsible for making these records as accurate and complete as possible by collecting Missouri criminal records from criminal justice agencies on offenders. The CJIS records arrests, detentions, indictments, criminal charges, as well as sentencing, correctional supervision and release information.

Montana Background Checks

Montana criminal records are maintained by the Montana Department of Justice and are available to the general public, as well as criminal justice agencies and other government agencies. The Department of Justice collects criminal record information from local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies and submits it to the state central criminal history repository, ensuring all the information is located in one place.

Nebraska Background Checks

The CID (Criminal Identification Division) is operated by the Nebraska State Patrol and maintains the state central repository of all Nebraska criminal records and fingerprint records. The CID receives information concerning criminal offenses, including arrest and fingerprint records associated with anyone who commits a felony. The CID is also responsible for distributing this information to any authorized requesters, such as law enforcement agencies and other government agencies with a criminal justice purpose.

Nevada Background Checks

The Records and Technology Division, part of the Nevada Department of Public Safety, maintains the state repository for Nevada criminal records. The Records and Technology Division was developed in 1985 to act as the central Nevada criminal records database. They collect arrest and criminal history information from various law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and other criminal justice agencies across the state to try and maintain accurate, easy to retrieve Nevada criminal records.

New Hampshire Background Checks

The Criminal Records Unit, a division of New Hampshire State Police and Department of Public Safety, operates and maintains the state’s CHRI (Criminal History Record Information) repository and the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The AFIS is a tri-state system that is linked to Maine and Vermont and holds all ten-print fingerprint cards in electronic form that are associated with criminal offenses in this system. There are also 28 stations throughout New Hampshire that have livescan abilities, where criminal offenders’ fingerprints are electronically scanned and automatically sent to the AFIS.

New Jersey Background Checks

New Jersey criminal records can be accessed by individuals for personal use, by employers needing to perform mandatory background checks prior to hiring or accepting a volunteer, by attorneys, and by law enforcement and other government or criminal justice agencies. New Jersey criminal records are maintained by the CIU (Criminal Information Unit), a subset of the New Jersey State Police. New Jersey criminal records include any record of convictions within New Jersey (even juvenile convictions), arrest and pending arrest charges and charges for violating state laws.

New Mexico Background Checks

New Mexico criminal records are maintained and distributed by the New Mexico State Central Repository for Criminal History, which holds offenders’ arrest records for felony and misdemeanor offenses (only for offenses resulting in 6 months or greater jail sentences), as well as DWI offenses. All New Mexico criminal records are based on fingerprint cards taken during arrest and are the source document for all criminal history submissions made by various state law enforcement agencies. The associated AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is maintained by the Department of Public Safety.

New York Background Checks

New York criminal records are maintained and distributed on request by the New York State Office of Court Administration (OCA). The OCA is the central state repository for all New York criminal records. At this time, only name-based searches are supported by OCS, but anyone can request a New York criminal record by following the outlined application process.

North Carolina Background Checks

The Criminal Information and Identification is part of the North Carolina Department of Justice and is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all North Carolina criminal records. These records are all based on fingerprints taken at the time of arrest.

North Dakota Background Checks

North Dakota criminal records are supported by the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Sharing), which is the central repository for criminal information. Only authorized criminal justice individuals and agencies are authorized access, however. CJIS includes criminal history, protection orders, parole and probation information, concealed weapons and DNA. This integrated system offers users system links to reach the necessary information stored.

Ohio Background Checks

For public and private employers, Ohio criminal background checks are a must for newly hired individuals. The office of the Ohio Attorney General's Office's Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (or BCI & I) conducts complete Ohio background checks for employers. All background investigations are completed utilizing a database of criminal fingerprints. The BCI & I maintains its goal of supporting local law enforcement agencies protecting the Ohio population. In addition to this goal, the BCI & I office strives to assist the local authorities in fighting cyber crime.

Oklahoma Background Checks

The Oklahoma Criminal History information department adheres to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, which ensures the public's right to view and obtain government records. There are specific exceptions set up within the act that are designed to protect the privacy interests of individuals. In cases other than those specifically excepted, Oklahoma criminal records are deemed as such – open to the public unless otherwise indicated by a confidential privilege.

Oregon Background Checks

The Oregon State Police (OSP) public records website lists several divisions and sections of the state police that maintain their own public records and are responsible for the dissemination of requested information. Users may obtain police reports or citations, criminal history records, criminal background checks and seals or expungements. Additionally, the website gives out information on firearms information, road information, and court locations.

Pennsylvania Background Checks

The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) website provides a number of public services that can be helpful in conducting Pennsylvania background checks. Up-to-date information on crime and traffic initiatives and safety tips for the general public are just a few services provided. The website lists approximately a dozen and a half public services and information available to the browsing public. Sex offender searches, criminal history requests, crime statistics, firearms information and much more can be obtain through the PSP site.

Rhode Island Background Checks

The Judiciary of Rhode Island ensures that the information and data pertaining to all things judiciary are accessible to all of the public – regardless of sex, race, or economics. The Judiciary of Rhode Island website houses information regarding criminals and criminal background checks. Additionally, the website contains information regarding jury service, education and community outreach, and all district court calendar information.

South Carolina Background Checks

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division website is home to a number of informational areas and pages. Among these are AMBER alerts, cold case information, concealed weapons permit information, alcohol licensing questions and much more. This website also contains the official South Carolina criminal records check database.

South Dakota Background Checks

The South Dakota Unified Judicial System (SDUJS) website contains a wide variety of information helpful for a South Dakota background check. Court data, bar exam information, public statements and announcements, child support forms and guidelines, and a link to Indian Law are just a few items to be found. Updates are made to the website and pages on a regular basis, ensuring that the South Dakota public always has access to the very latest in court information.

Tennessee Background Checks

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) website covers a myriad of services and public information. Listed among the information to be found: MethWatch, the TBI's most wanted, elber abuse, missing children, AMBER alerts and much more. The TBI is the primary criminal investigation agency responsible for public corruption, Medicaid fraud, fugitives, and domestic terrorism. For Tennessee background checks, the TBI also houses the database for Tennessee criminal records that can be searched either online or by mail.

Texas Background Checks

One component of the Texas Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) (part of the Texas Department of Public Safety or TxDPS) is the computerized criminal history system (CCH). This statewide repository houses all information on arrests, prosecutions, and dispositions of individuals arrested with a Class B misdemeanor or higher in the state of Texas. The other component of the CJIS is the Corrections Tracking System (CTS), which is managed by the Department of Criminal Justice.

Utah Background Checks

The Utah Department of Public Safety website disseminates information on how to obtain Utah criminal records. However, the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification is not an online searchable database at this time, and all requests must be made either in person or through the regular mail.

Vermont Background Checks

If you would like to review Vermont criminal records to conduct your Vermont background checks, then the Vermont Criminal Information Center is an excellent starting point. The Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service allows you to make requests online conveniently and quickly.

Virginia Background Checks

To access Virginia criminal records for conducting your Virginia background check, begin your search with the Virginia State police. There are two separate methods for obtaining Virginia criminal records.

Washington Background Checks

To research Washington criminal records, begin your search with the Washington State Patrol, which maintains criminal history record information. You can access this information via the Washington Access To Criminal History (WATCH). The WATCH system requires a credit card or a pre-established account.

West Virginia Background Checks

To access West Virginia criminal reports while you are conducting West Virginia background checks, begin your search with the West Virginia State Police. You will need to file a request form and pay the applicable fees to receive your report.

Wisconsin Background Checks

To research Wisconsin criminal records, begin your search through the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Wisconsin is an open records state, meaning that most records are available to the general public. Excluded from this ruling are any juvenile records which are considered confidential. Records are based on arrest fingerprint cards submitted by police departments. Arrests without supporting fingerprints are not included.

Wyoming Background Checks

If you would like to access Wyoming criminal records for your Wyoming background checks, then the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation can assist you. Under Wyoming statutes, you can access your own Wyoming background check and give that record to any person you designate. However, you will need to submit a fingerprint card and the appropriate fee.