Colorado Background Checks

You meet a lot of people with your life. You need to be able to completely trust these people if you hope to keep yourself safe. That is why there is value to allowing Colorado background checks to be conducted by anyone at any time for any reason, even without notifying the person you're looking up.

Thanks to public records, that technology already exists. Many websites have already culminated the data from public records and placed it into easy to use search engines. By typing in a person's first and last name, you can receive a list of relevant information about that individual based on the public records that are currently available.

There is considerable value to having these background checks made easy to find. If you're in need of some information about a person if your life, you can find that information simply by searching from their name and ordering a complete report.

The main benefit of this is that you can perform Colorado background checks anonymously and without the permission of the individual you're searching for. Public records law allows anyone to access these records and use them for any purpose, so you have no need to tell anyone about your search or request permission from someone in authority.

This allows you to find anyone you want, when you want. So if you're hiring a new babysitter or met someone that appears to have an odd past, you can search for them, find out if there is anything for you to be alarmed about, and move on, all without anyone finding out you had your suspicions.

Colorado Criminal Records

If you need to access Colorado criminal records as part of your Colorado background checks, then you will need to contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. The CBI maintains a computerized criminal history database with detailed information on arrest records with fingerprints. Arrests without fingerprints are not included in the database. You will also not be able to access warrant information, sealed records, or juvenile records. Registered sex offender lists must be obtained from your local law enforcement agency.

To request criminal records online do the following:

To use the mail in form to access Colorado criminal records do the following:

For additional information on accessing Colorado criminal records, you can contact the office using the information below:

CBI Check
KT International, Inc.
20 Westbrook Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
(800) 882-0757

Resource Links
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Colorado Court Records

To access Colorado court records for Colorado background checks, you will need to contact the Colorado State Judicial Branch. The Judicial Branch is responsible for protecting constitutional rights and liberties, providing the fair and timely resolution of cases, the enhancement of public safety, the supervision of offenders, and facilitating victim and community reparation.

Colorado court records are a matter of public record, and therefore, unless exempt under the Colorado Open Records Act or other federal or state statute, are accessible to the public. In order to get copies of court documents or specific information on a specific case, you must contact the court where the action was filed. You can, however, access the Integrated Colorado Online Network (ICON), which allows you to see a name index, registry of actions, and an index of court filings and appearance dates. There is a $5.00 fee per name search for this service.

To request court records by mail do the following:

If you need additional information regarding Colorado court records, you can contact the office at the information listed below:

Office of the State Court Administrator
101 W. Colfax, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 861-1111

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Colorado Court Record Public Access

Colorado Jail Records

To access Colorado jail records for Colorado background checks, you will need to contact the Colorado Department of Corrections. The Inmate Locator application provides the public with limited information about the inmates housed in state correctional facilities. It will allow you to search active offenders, parolees, and community corrections. It does not search on past offenders or provide information on discharged sentences.

To search for jail records online do the following:

If you need additional information regarding accessing Colorado jail records, then you can contact the office using the information below:

Colorado Department of Corrections
2862 South Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
(719) 579-9580

Reference Links
Colorado Inmate Locator System

Colorado Driving Records

If you need Colorado driving records as part of a Colorado background check, then you will need to contact the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. Because of privacy laws, generally you are only able to access your own Colorado driving record. Certain employers may be able to access Colorado driving records, however, they must provide all of the fees, as well as a Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use form.

You can also request your own personal Colorado driving records for Colorado background checks or personal use. The Division of Motor Vehicles maintains records of the past seven years. You can purchase non-certified copies at any driver’s license office. To obtain a certified copy, you will have to visit the Division of Motor Vehicles and do the following:

Step 1: Fill out a request form with your full name, birth date, driver’s license number, legible signature, and photocopy of driver’s photo ID Step 2: Provide payment. Non-certified copies cost $2.20; certified copies cost $2.70. Fees must paid via personal check or money order, and you will receive the requested copy within 14 days.

For additional information on Colorado driving records, you can contact the office using the information below:

Department of Revenue
Division of Motor Vehicle
Driver Control
1881 Pierce St.
Lakewood, Colorado 80214
(303) 205-5600

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