People Search

Using people search tools can put you back in contact with old friends, colleagues, clients, and family members. Whether you simply misplaced a client’s business card or want to reconnect with your high school sweetheart, people search can help you find exactly who you seek. With just a first and last name, you can utilize this technology to find current contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses.

Before the advent of online lookup technology, there was only one method of searching for people – the trusty white pages phonebook. However, this method had distinct disadvantages, especially if you were looking for a friend or colleague that lived in a different city or state. In addition, if a person had an unlisted phone number, you would have no way to get in contact with him or her.

Today, the internet has expanded the realm of people searches. There are online directories that function in the same way as traditional phone books – but without any geographical constraints. Whether you are looking for an old client in California or a long lost love in New York, one online search can return those results to you instantaneously. However, looking for people online has expanded to much more than a digital version of the white pages. Not only can you find phone numbers online, but email, job information, and home addresses as well. In addition, you can instantly connect with old contacts through social networking sites – without a phone call or letter required.

Phone Books

Did you know you can find people from your past quickly and easily by using a host of online tools? With a simple click of the mouse, you can locate an old high school teacher or an ex-boyfriend. Of course, you can also find businesses quickly and easily using these same websites. You can even discover who has been calling your phone for the past week without leaving a message on your machine. All you need is a first and last name or a phone number to discover a world of information about any person you might want to contact.

Phone Lookup

Using a reverse phone lookup is becoming an increasingly common and efficient way to find a person. If you receive a call or text from an unknown number, or if you want to find out who is calling your spouse or child, you can use a reverse phone search engine to take matters into your own hands. Simply input the number in question into any phone number lookup and find out who is calling you. Be advised, many cell phone number lookups will incur a small fee because cell phone data are not publicly available, and therefore must be bought from cell phone companies as compiled databases. However, information for listed landline numbers should be free since they are considered public information.

Email Search

If you don't know how to get into contact with an old friend or colleague, a good bet is to try sending them an e-mail, which is one of the most widely used channels of communication today. There are many search engines out there that will allow you to search for someone's e-mail address based on name, phone number, address, and more. With the rise of technology and increasing usage of social networks, it may also be helpful to search for someone's e-mail address or other contact information through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and more.

Reverse Email Lookup

If you have an e-mail address but don't know who it belongs to, consider using reverse e-mail search. Reverse e-mail lookups allow you to search for a person's name, phone number, address, and more just based on their e-mail address. If you receive e-mails from an unknown person, or if you've written down an e-mail address but cannot remember who it belongs to, a reverse e-mail address lookup can come in handy. Just like with reverse phone lookups, e-mail lookups will most likely incur a small fee, since these types of addresses are not considered public information. However, the cost is usually minimal and you can usually find the information you're looking for.

Various People Search Methods - People search methods continue to evolve, making it easier than ever to connect with old friends and colleagues. While the phonebook was once the method of choice, the internet has opened an entirely new realm of possibilities for finding the person you seek.

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