Phone Books

Finding people from your past has become much less of an effort, thanks to the advent of the online phone directory. Instead of using a magnifying glass to view tiny listings of names and numbers (and hoping you have the right state of residence for the person you are looking for), you can find old high school chums and current business contacts with a simple click of the mouse. Today's phone books have gone electronic, saving people both paper and time.

There are a number of online directories to choose from, and many of them are completely free to use. They all have the potential to provide the information you are looking for. Most can provide information with a first and last name. However, additional data like an approximate age or state of residency can narrow down the search considerably.

While most of these records are free to the general public, they may only offer basic information. To get more detailed data, such as email addresses and cell phone numbers, you will probably have to pay for the service to get the information. In some cases, you are charged a small, one-time fee for information on a particular individual. Other times, you might pay a set rate to get a certain number of searches over a specified period of time. The latter might be a better choice for those who need to make a number of searches, for a high school reunion, for example.

Finding people has become incredibly easier, thanks to the wonders of the technological age. With online phone directories, finding blasts from the past have become as easy as clicking the mouse from your home office. Check out these online phone books and kiss that tattered Yellow Pages goodbye for good. - The Next Generation People Search Engine: Lookup phone numbers, emails, public records and more in one place