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News archives

News archives

How to find news archives:

If you cannot find the newspaper archive you are looking for on JNet’s pages listed above, try these search tools:

The best specialized tool

  •`s Wayback machine  Its advanced search allows you to search for any web site and see — if they have it stored — what it looked like years ago. making it possible to surf more than 10 billion pages stored in the Internet Archive. You can find years-old versions of web pages — it’s hit or miss, but still always useful to see what some official site was saying before or after a key event.
  • You can also put the Wayback Machine right in your browser by simply dragging this new toolbar link to your browser toolbar. Then when you visit a page that you want to find an old version of, just click and you will be transported to any historic versions at the Wayback Machine. For more archive tools, see JNet’ Find Archives Page
  • There are also special archives for the Sept. 11 attack and the US 2001 election. has also started a television archive, beginning with excerpts from live broadcasts on Sept. 11.

News archives

The best for newspapers – World:

The best: – North America:

Canadian Newspapers

Canadian Newspapers

Finding Canadian Newspapers:

First try  to find the newspaper  you’re looking for in JNet’s list of many Canadian papers.
Then try these  sites to search for more:

The best tools:

  • Paperboy    Use their search feature by name or city. Use the search box above
  • Easy search – Canadian Newspaper Association     Excellent search page which supplies web addresses, emails and names of top managers  for all papers
  • Online list – Canadian Newspaper association  A list of what’s online
  • CJR’s Search Page         Put in the name, get the info
  • AJR’s Canada List        Search by province
  • Editor and Publishers Canadian newspaper list

The rest:

Canadian Newspapers

Opinion pages:

Canadian magazines:

Et en Francais: