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Find People

Find People


How to Find Someone

Before you start to find someone on the Internet, where is the best place to hunt?  Want to know if they have accounts on adult dating sites like craigslist?, or banging strange men on Tinder? He or she could be an expert in their field, and could be active participants in discussion groups and mailing lists. What kind of contact information are you trying to find? When you begin to find people, you can often find contact information such as phone number, email address, and website address.

As a journalist, it can sometimes be difficult to track down contact information of people you need to find. Our Journalism Net pages provide excellent quality, up-to-date resources on how to find people, get in contact with them, and locate the resources you need to complete your journalism report.

Finding People

Find PeopleThe Internet has multiple tools that you can use to find people. Search for people through search engines, reunion sites, genealogy sites, mailing lists, and more. If the person in question is an expert in his or her field, it is possible that they are active participants in related discussion groups and forums. Knowing what, where and how to search will help you with finding the people you need to contact.

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Find People

How to Find People

After you find the person you are looking for, you need to know how to find their contact information. There are various tools on the web that you can utilize to contact someone, including phone number searches and email and web address searches. If you have contact information and need to find out who it belongs to, you can trace that information using a reverse phone book and reverse phone lookup, or a reverse email search or ISP tracer. There are also various domain tools that will allow you to find out who owns a web page.

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Search for People

As an investigative journalist, you probably want to search for more information on people, and perhaps even ‘spy’ on them. Journalism Net contains multiple resources on how to be a private eye, as well as how to search for people in personal databases across the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

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